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You are invited to the Great Adventure Lab’s

Girls Get Science evening event

for all girls Grades K-6

5:30-8:00 pm on Saturday, April 9th, at Forcey Christian School,

Silver Spring, Maryland

Please join us. It is absolutely inspiring to see girls laughing and having fun while learning about science and engineering from women scientists and engineers, in an all-girls environment!

This event features a speaker panel, a chance to meet the speakers and a choice of hands-on science workshops for girls grades K-6.

Registration for this event is $35 per parent/daughter pair and $15.00 for each additional participant ($10 extra for additional parent).

Buy 10 tickets at the same time for $250. Please contact

Are you interested in sponsoring this event? Details are here.

Each girl may choose one of two tracks; choices depend on grade level.

K-1:  Nature Science and Intro to Video Game Programming 

K-1: Nature Science and Lego Engineers


2-4: Lego Robotics and Video Game Programming

2-4: Lego Robotics and Young Engineers


5-6: Mindstorms and Video Game Programming

5-6: Mindstorms and 3-D Design

Questions? Please scroll down for our FAQ for this event.

Several days before the event, we will send a welcome letter to all registrants, with complete details, including where to park and enter the building, etc.

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All workshops will be led by our enthusiastic and talented instructors. 

Event format. While girls in grades K-6 are participating in hands-on activities, our panel of women scientists will speak with parents about the experience of being a girl or young woman pursuing a career in science or engineering.
After the panel, the girls will rejoin their parents and have a chance to meet with our panelists to learn more about what these women do for a living!

Here's a slideshow of a past GGS event.

Our speakers

Dr. Tamira Butler, National Institutes of Healthdr

Dr. Tamira Butler is a postdoctoral scientist at the National Institutes of Health, where she investigates the roles of small RNAs in bacteria. During her graduate research, Dr. Butler worked with Plasmodium falciparum, the parasites that cause malaria. She discovered a new vesicular structure in human red blood cells infected with malaria. Understanding these vesicles could lead to new and better treatments for people infected with P. falciparum.

Dr. Butler earned her PhD in Biology and Biomedical Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis, and a B.S. in Chemistry-Biochemistry from Florida A & M University.  When she's not working on new cures for parasitic diseases, she teaches for The Great Adventure Lab!

Dr. Cari Corrigan, Geologist, division of Meteorites, Smithsonian


Dr. Cari Corrigan is bringing meteorites to show the girls! She is the curator of Antarctic

meteorites at the Smithsonian. She studies meteorites from the Moon, Mars and asteroids in order to understand how the Solar System -- particularly its rocky planets -- formed,  and to learn how the impact cratering process affects these planetary materials.


She  is also involved in the Mars Exploration Rover project, processing images that come down from the Opportunity Rover. She has been to Antarctica twice to collect meteorites with the Antarctic Search for Meteorites program (ANSMET) and would go back again in a heartbeat!


Dr. Corrigan earned her PhD in planetary science from Case Western University. Her dissertation focused on Martian meteorites! She earned her master's and bachelor's in geology from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.


Dr. Molly McDonough - Biologist, National Museum of Natural History


Dr. McDonough is a postdoctoral researcher who specializes in the study of small mammals, particularly African rodents. While she was earning her master's degree in biology at Angelo State University (part of the Texas Tech University system), she was part of a team credited with the discovery of a new species, Wilson's bonneted bat.


She earned her PhD in biological sciences from Texas Tech University, an M.S. biology from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas and a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Texas State U.

Lisa White, Marine Resource Management, NOAA

Lisa White has conducted field work with various coastal and marine species from seabirds (piping plovers, terns, puffins), to sea turtles (leatherbacks, greens), to marine mammals (Hawaiian monk seals and our favorites, humpback whales!).

She now works as a Marine Resource Management Specialist marine resource management specialist for the National Marine Fisheries Service at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  What does that mean? It means she monitors and reduces interactions between marine mammals and commercial fisheries.

Ms. White completed a Master's of Environmental Management degree in coastal environmental management at Duke University. She holds a B.S. in biology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Nancy Young, Marine Resource Management, NOAA

Nancy Young, marine conservation, NOAA

Nancy Young specializes in protecting large whales and other species protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  Here's her official title: She's a marine resource management specialist for the National Marine Fisheries Service at teh National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Phew! Sound familiar? She works with Lisa White, whose bio is above.

Ms. Young has previously worked for NOAA Fisheries in Hawaii and Florida, where she focused on reducing the impact of commercial fishing on marine mammals.

Ms. Young earned a Master of Environmental Management degree in coastal environmental management from Duke University and a Master of Research degree in marine mammal science from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  She holds a B.S. in Earth and Ocean Science from Duke University.


Why are we holding a girls-only science event? 

Studies have shown that as early as second grade, many girls are deciding that math is not for them, which certainly doesn’t bode well for their views on engineering and the sciences!  We hope that by reaching out to girls and their parents through events like these, we can help convince girls in our community that science is for everyone.  



The Great Adventure Lab proudly sponsors Girls Get Science events as part of our ongoing mission to get more children, especially girls, excited about science and engineering at an early age.

We offer after school enrichment classes and summer camps in LEGO robotics, engineering, computer animation, electronics, crime science … and more! We've taught more than 4,000 kids to write their first programs since we first started serving the DC area in fall of 2010. We currently offer classes in Montgomery, Prince George's and Howard Counties in Maryland; the District; and Fairfax County in VA. If we're not already at your school, invite us!

We support our communities by donating money back to our PTA partners offering at-cost classes to residents of low-income housing projects managed by Montgomery Housing Partnership. We were founded in fall 2010 by a Silver Spring mother of two young children. We have the smartest, most fun instructors in metro DC, and possibly the world!

Our management team is made up of  parents of children ages 3 to 18! We are genuinely passionate about inspiring the next generation to explore science and engineering before someone else convinces them these fields are 'boring.' We believe in FUN first, learning through hands-on activities for every kid, every time, SMALL class sizes, enthusiastic instructors, informative notes home after EACH class; and excellent customer service, whether you are a kid, a parent, or an after-school activity coordinator. We put people before profits. 

For more information about our classes, camps or birthday parties, or to see bios of our instructors, please visit our website at You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube under the name The Great Adventure Lab or @awrobots.
We look forward to seeing you at Girls Get Science!!


Q: Is this a religious event?
A: No - while the venue is Forcey Christian School, this event is a non-religious event and is open to all girls grades K-6.
Q: My daughter is advanced. May I sign her up for activities geared for older girls?
A: Please observe the grade levels when choosing activities for your daughter. 
Q: What's the parking like?
A: There is plenty of parking at Forcey Christian School.

Q: My child is coming with a friend, can they be placed in the same group?
A: Yes. First, sign them up for the same track. Then email with the full names of both girls, and request that they be placed in the same group.
Q: I want to bring my whole Girl Scout troop! How do I do that? 
A: If you purchase at least 10 parent-daughter tickets at the same time, the price is $25 per ticket. To get this rate, contact Please note: girls will not be admitted to the event without a parent. (i.e every one or two girls must be accompanied by a parent).
Q: Do you offer financial aid?
A: Yes, if you can document FARMS eligibility, we can offer reduced price tickets of $10 per parent-daughter pair. Just email your FARMS form to
Q: May I register my son?
A: Most of our events are attended by mostly boys. We have specifically created this event to provide an all-girls environment for one evening. Please find another activity for your son.
Q: May I bring my son if he does not attend any workshops?
A: Again, we have specifically created this event to provide an all-girls environment for one evening. Please find another activity for your son. In past events we have found that boys crowd girls out at our demo tables.
Q: Will you serve food?
A: Yes, there will be food and water for sale.

Q: If I buy a ticket and I can't make it, what do I do?
A: We can issue a credit for the amount you paid. You may use the credit toward another event, camp, or a birthday party.
Q: May my daughter attend the speaker panel?
Your daughter will have way more fun and learn more doing hands-on activities than she will listening to the speaker panel, which is geared to adults. After the hands-on activities, when the parents and daughters re-unite, you and your daughter can visit the panelists, play with their demos and meet them. That will be a much more fun way for your daughter to interact with our panelists.

Need help with registration?

Questions about the event itself?  Contact our Events Director, Laura Wilhelm, at


The Great Adventure Lab

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Forcey Christian School
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